Empathy for Peace's programs focus on two core areas which we believe are the building blocks for success

Empathy Research 

We support research efforts that explore the relationship between biological and environmental factors and our ability to empathize and/or that can be translated into evidence based results to improved community relations, stronger human rights policies, and a more compassionate world.

Community Initiatives

We support community organizations and groups in applying empathy research to develop evidence based initiatives that lead to improved community relations, stronger human rights policies, and a more compassionate and constructive approach to marginalized communities who have long faced poor living conditions

We are currently in the planning stages of the following  projects that aim to take constructive and meaningful steps to advance empathy in our society: 

  • A pilot empathy based youth leadership camp that will bring 100 non-indigenous and indigenous Canadian youth together to foster empathy between the two groups while brainstorming solutions to a common problem.  This project will include a research component to measure the effectiveness of the program in increasing empathy levels amongst the participants
  • An Empathy Neuroscience Conference that will bring together leading neuroscientists and peace building organizations to explore the latest scientific research on empathy and its translational relevance to peace building and conflict transformation.
  • Empathy Lecture Series that will bring leading empathy neuroscientists and experts to share their knowledge with community members and answer key questions about the latest empathy research and its application to building fair, just and peaceful communities

To learn more about any of our programs please contact info@empathy-for-peace.org

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