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About the Conference

Empathy Neuroscience: Translational Relevance to Conflict Transformation

October 18-19, 2017

Rome, Italy

This conference brings together empathy neuroscience research to tackle a key translational challenge: its relevance for conflict transformation. It focuses on the idea that taking the other person’s perspective is ultimately necessary to resolve conflict; and that conflicts are perpetuated by adopting a single perspective. The conference considers the relevance of empathy neuroscience for policy makers working in conflict transformation. The meeting will bring together an international panel of speakers drawn from outstanding scientists, clinicians, scholars, and charities, focusing particularly on the potential role of empathy in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The aim is to enable dialogue and a better understanding of empathy, and to promote the development of evidence-based interventions that foster empathy in conflict zones.

The Empathy Neuroscience Conference in hosted by Empathy for Peace in partnership with The Foundation Child for Study and Research into Childhood and Adolescence, Italy.

Partners & Sponsors

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Planning Committee

Ahmad Abu-Akel, Ph.D., University of Lausanne 

Simon Baron-Cohen, Ph.D. Professor of developmental psychopathology  and  Director of the University's Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University

Emile Bruneau, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Ernesto Caffo, Ph.D.  Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Modena

Ruth Feldman, Ph.D., Simms-Mann Professor of Developmental Neuroscience, Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

James F. Leckman, MD, Ph.D., Neison Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry, Psychology and Pediatrics, Child Study Center, Yale University

Dr. Shafiq Masalha, Senior Lecturer, The College for Academic Studies, Or-Yehuda, and The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Haifa Staiti, Founding Executive Director, Empathy for Peace



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